According to Rick Owens: what is the future of the fashion industry and runway shows?

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The Business of Fashion published a 50-minute interview with American designer Rick Owens. Even though quarantine measures are already eased, the online conversation format does not lose its relevance and is gradually replacing written interviews. Well, it makes sense – the visual effect of the direct presence and face-to-face conversation with the audience is an extremely pleasant thing. Owens appeared in front of a camera with a bare torso while drinking a cup of espresso, and demonstrating his equanimity and rebellious spirit once again.



BoF Editor-at-Large Tim Blanks and Rick Owens talked about time spent in self-isolation as well as the latest world high-profile events, and how they would affect the future of the fashion industry.

The designer did not waste his time in vain and spent days in isolation quite productively - he studied the work of the English architect Edward William Godwin, and also listened operas of the German composer Richard Strauss. Maybe, we will see the prints of such leisure soon in the Owens' new collections, who knows?



"This is science's moment... so my responsibility was to study as much as I could so when my turn to contribute came I would be ready," Rick Owens said. "I'm concentrating on absorbing as much information — aesthetic information — that will serve me and nourish me in the future."

Owens told that the period of the pandemic and political unrest became for him, as for most designers, an occasion to rethink his past works and a further approach to the development of the brand. "This period of resetting and enforced reflection has just recharged me," Owens said. "When I think back on everything I've been doing, I feel like I was able to do beautiful things but I was also able to talk about values that I believe in."



According to the BoF, the designer emphasized that today, brands are forced to look at their business from a new angle because of the broader discussion around sustainability and the growing responsibility that consumers are calling for.

Rick Owens also shared his thoughts on the future of fashion shows. Although during the global pandemic, fashion weeks went online, the designer is sure that they should not be dismissed out of hand. "Adorning oneself and communicating through the way you look, it's an ancient ritual and it's an important part of communication… [Fashion shows will] always be there in one way or another," he explained.



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