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Dreaming of lavender fields: how to wear the flower-inspired color

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27 Jul 2020

This color has a magical power to transport to the lavender fields of Provence. As its namesake flower fragrance, it immerses oneself into a state of calmness and peace of mind. Originally, light purple with a bluish tinge, lavender color can also be found in the shades of more vivid medium purple and paler pink, on the contrary to its warmer violet ally.

For the most feminine and graceful look, consider trying on total-lavender. Badgley Mischka showcased a princess-like dress with a deep cut coupled with the mint high-heels. Balmain's rich purple version creates a more mature impression with its deep-purple overtone. Along with the ruffled design, sundress seems to be an ideal candidate for occupying a luggage space for the beach vacations.


Badgley Mischka Balmain Gucci  
Photo: vogue.com  


The color is also very unpretentious for numerous combinations, by which its womanhood can be turned into the most boyish look. A Gucci's transparent skirt is balanced by the sea-green knitted T-shirt, while all-black high boots, the choker, and a bag add a pinch of brutality to the outfit. Even more cowboy-resembling style was created by Marc Jacobs, with the light lavender medium-waisted trousers, high boots, and a Western hat. Yet its match with the Barbie-pink long-sleeve unspokenly points to its hidden femininity. 

Comme des Garçons cape embroidered with the elegant laces seems to arrive from another planet. Despite the alien look, it gives a useful tooltip on how to wear the color in tandem with the heavy-floral-patterned pants. So, in the end, it looks like a well-judged modesty. As for simplicity-lovers, Loewe presented the hybrid of a slip dress and a cloak with the minimum of lavender. Only one layer of the airy fabric is painted in the favorite Provence color, as the others remain in the dreamy-creamy shades.


Marc Jacobs Comme des Garçons Loewe
Photo: vogue.com


And just like that, this hue has become the influencers' front-runner. The trendsetter Leonie Hanne chose to go out in a fluffy Louisaviaroma top and The Attico pink-infused trousers while creating the beautiful contrast with the various tints of yellow.



The wife of John Legend and Victoria's Secret model Chrissy Teigen enjoyed the summer sun in a full-lavender single-piece swimsuit. On her side, a German model Xenia Adonts merged two trends at once: an oversized denim jacket and its light lavender color. Although barely seen,  she matched it with the white mini-shorts and made the primary accent on her rainbow-painted Gucci bag.



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