The highlights of Paris Men's Fashion Week: the main trends for fall-winter 2021/2022 and the catchiest fashion shows | World Fashion Channel

The highlights of Paris Men's Fashion Week: the main trends for fall-winter 2021/2022 and the catchiest fashion shows

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27 Jan 2021

How well-known global brands see the trends of the fall-winter 2021 season: we are dealing with the hot pursuit of men's Fashion Week, which ended in Paris on the evening of January 24.


Dior Homme

The show of the French house Dior became one of the most anticipated at the Paris Fashion Week. Brand Creative Director Kim Jones worked on the new collection with contemporary artist Peter Doig. His paintings, made in the genre of magical realism, in which understandable life stories are intertwined with fabulous motives, formed the basis for prints on clothes, similar to watercolor stains, blurry outlines of animals, or cityscapes.

Even though the main collection is a muted palette of natural shades of brown, green, blue, and gray, not without bright accents, which in the new season will be as important in looks as accessories. It includes both versatile and dressy items: military-style cargo pants, turtleneck sweaters, wool coats of different lengths, plain shirts and turtlenecks, frock-coat jackets decorated with embroidery, and various hats.


Dries Van Noten

Before starting work on the fall-winter 2021 collection, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten decided that new ideas are not always born in radical experiments. He concentrated on the basic men's wardrobe and showed usual clothing from a different angle. The designer transformed classic shirts into ankle-length dresses, redesigned the style of trousers, focusing on the waistline, and turned sweaters from thin wool into scarves.

In his recent interview, the designer admitted that he wants to put off playing with unusual shapes, wild prints, and intricate draperies for a while and try to give something new to everyday style. It proves once again that laconicism will remain in fashion, but accessories - bags with silver rings, woolen leggings, or hats - will definitely not harm it.



In the new season, the creative director of the Hermès men's line, Veronique Nishanyan, decided to focus on the play of opposites. She created a collection in which, at first glance, pieces, materials, and even colors that are completely different, look very harmonious next to each other and create a single picture of modern, luxurious but at the same time relaxed style.

Next fall, the designer invites men to go beyond a certain aesthetics and try unusual combinations: wear classic trouser suits with leather boots or sneakers, combine nylon and tweed as well as muted colors with vivid neon. A little carelessness and recklessness amid all the madness certainly won't hurt anyone, right?


JW Anderson

While working on the looks for the new collection, JW Anderson Creative Director Jonathan Anderson took a real walk along the edge of reality and hyper consciousness. Due to the difficult situation in the world, the designer did not conduct a traditional show and limited himself to the release of a lookbook - photographer Juergen Teller took pictures in the style of 17th-century still-lifes for the presentation.

In the fall-winter collection, there was a place for both practicality and light madness: along with wide trousers, sheepskin coats, safari-style trench coats, and woolen coats, it included men's dresses, T-shirts with feathers, and knitted tunics. Such combinations once again confirm the brand's main thesis - after the events that happened to the world in 2020, everything has changed, including fashion, which means that conservatism in it is gradually beginning to be forgotten.


Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton Fall / Winter 2021 collection was inspired by the essay "Stranger in the Village" by novelist James Baldwin. According to Virgil Abloh, another important motive of this work is the theme of travel, which is reflected in grotesque sweaters with the outlines of megacities, bags in the shape of airplanes, and suitcases on wheels.

In the new season, Abloh decided to allow himself a little more experimentation and moved away from the usual street style in favor of more elegant fashion. The latest collection includes pantsuits, bright long coats with wide shoulders, bell-bottomed jeans, pleated midi skirts, cardigans, printed shirts, trench coats, and quilted jackets.



As the creative director of Vetements Guram Gvasalia said, the new collection of the brand became a reflection of "the hell we're all living through." Fortunately, he encouraged everyone, noting that the road to heaven is still open. This is proved not only by the looks of the fall-winter 2021 collection but also by the lookbook itself, divided into three main parts. Sky with red-orange clouds, waterfall with rainbow, and heaven-like backgrounds set the right mood for each section and outfit.

This collection has become one of the most ambitious for the brand in terms of the number of looks: it includes T-shirts with slogans, bright shirts, leather raincoats, coats, jeans, oversized hoodies, translucent long sleeves, neon jackets, and balaclavas, which reflect the rebellious aesthetics of the brand.


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