Antitrends of the fall-winter season 2019-2020

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Autumn is approaching, so we decided to tell you about the antitrends of the fall-winter 2019/2020 season. We have prepared for you a small top of things that can ruin your image. But still, it is your purely personal matter to listen to our advice or not. If you saw some kind of antitrend thing in your closet, then you should not throw it away if you like it. But if you are preparing for shopping for the coming season, then this article will be interesting to you.

Lace Sweater

All things with lace inserts are out of fashion. This also applies to linen undershirts with lace, which were very popular in 2016. Now it’s better to put such things in a distant box. If you want to create layering in the image, then create by layering things on top of each other. By the way, layering for a winter wardrobe is also very practical, because you will be warm.

Cute knitted blouses

A shortened length, thin knitwear, often small pockets and a round neck - all this will only worsen your image. A voluminous cardigan or oversize jacket will be a great alternative to homely sweaters. Do not be afraid of expressive things, their goal is to decorate your possessor, and not to disguise her!

Slim little skinny jackets

These jackets were always and everywhere. They are being sold and will be sold, even though this jacket looks irrelevant. Most often, these jackets have a cut-off collar. What can I advise on a replacement? This, of course, is a trench coat with some kind of sweater. In this way you will be much warmer than in a tight little jacket. But most importantly, pay attention to the length of the trench! Since a shortened trench can also be safely added to the list of antitrends.

Parks with fur

Yes! Parks with such faux fur, which is most often colored, are also on our list of obsolete items. Just 2 years ago, these parks wore just everything. You ask what to replace? The answer is simple: to parks without this huge color fur!

"Caterpillar" vests

I cannot but say that the lush caterpillar vests are out of fashion. There used to be too many of them. Therefore, this thing is simply tired of everyone.

Thin Leather Jackets

Continuing the topic of antitrends, I want to say that a jacket of thin skin can also be attributed to antitrends. Much more modern you will look jackets made of thicker skin. By the way, the skin is now a trend!

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