Fashion mistakes women always make

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Very many girls, before buying any thing they like, think that they are not suitable for this image in any way. These girls are constantly trying to limit themselves in something. Because of this, they do not try any new things and avoid current trends. And all because once they were told that they are too full or too thin for vivid images. Today, fashion gives us a huge number of opportunities that you can and should use, and not push yourself into any kind of framework. If you want to try on some thing - try it. Through trial and error your style is formed. When you are afraid to try something new, you cannot create your own style. By the way, to consider that the style for life is also a big mistake! People are all different and they can change over the years, and clothing should be a tool for expressing your inner state.

Many prints

It happens that there is some kind of print in fashion, then another one and another. For example: leopard, flowers and embroidery. When you mix all this in one image, you get porridge. You get lost, and not one of the prints does not emphasize itself. It is best to take neutral clothes and pick a bright print to it. Let you have one thing with a bright print, but it will look relevant and harmonious.

Wrong product length

If you put on a thing that ends in the widest part of your body, then your figure will appear visually two to three sizes larger. For most people, this is not the goal. Remember: the place where the product ends is accent! Therefore, if you do not want to draw attention to a problem place, then do not finish the product there.

Crumpled things

Crumpled things very much spoil any image. For such people who do not like to iron clothes, they came up with a steamer. With this device you can quickly steam any item in literally seconds. Such is the lifesaver for fashionistas and fashionistas.

Follow trends blindly

There are people who fill their wardrobe with trends. This is a blunder because the mod is very volatile. Today - this thing is in trend, and tomorrow - this is the main antitrend. Trends are not rules, but only a set of recommendations, whether or not to follow them is your choice. And this choice is made on the basis of their own style preferences. No need to step over yourself and buy a leopard coat if you do not like this print!

Wash jeans often

Jeans manufacturers do not recommend washing this type of clothing too often, as you risk losing shape and color. It is enough to wash the jeans every few months if they look good. The less you wash them, the longer they will last you. It is best to choose a delicate mode when washing and do not wring.

Wrong layering of things

There is a rule: a denser material goes on top of a thinner one. If you decide to wear some textured shirt made of thick cotton, and over it you put on a sweater made of thin material, then all the elements and tucks of the shirt will be visible. In general, the image will look substandard and untidy.

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