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Another stroke of bad luck: Anna Wintour divorces her husband after 16 years of marriage

2020 continues to test Anna Wintour's strength. In the spring, everyone was looking forward to the release of a memoir by André Leon Talley, former editor of Vogue US, in which he spoke about the difficult character of "Empress Wintour" and how working with her affected his emotional and mental state. Just a couple of months later, Wintour became the epicenter of the Condé Nast race scandal - the permanent editor of Vogue US was subjected to numerous allegations of discrimination and non-tolerance.


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It would appear she can't get much worse, but the difficulties didn't end there. Recently it became known that Anna Wintour broke up with her husband, investor Shelby Bryan after 20 years of relationship, 16 of which they were married. According to the Daily Mail, the couple met in 1999 - at that time, Anna had just divorced her first husband, with whom she had son Charles and daughter Bea - while Shelby was still married. Although the personal life of the spouses has always remained close to the press, about seven years ago, the first rumors of discord in their family began to appear: the couple practically stopped appearing in public together.

Sources close to the couple report that one of the reasons for the divorce could be large debts - allegedly, Wintour's ex-husband owed the state several million dollars. Anna Wintour herself has not yet commented on this situation.


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