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On a date with summer: frills and ruffles as the most romantic trend of this season

This trend is a perfect opportunity for those who love to dress up refined and innocently. Frills and ruffles are one hundred percent to stay with us this summer. And besides, there is also no need to worry if you prefer something more street style - spring-summer 2020 season offers a variety of designs for all tastes.


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It seems that ruffled clothes were like on purpose created for the imaginary characters wardrobe - or, as a minimum, as perfect masquerade costumes. A total-black garment by Erdem gracefully enwraps the silhouette with the fancywork and leaves an impression of a Victorian-ages heroine. Another brand's namesake has more colorful eye-catchy flowers on the layered garment, although the flat wide-brimmed hat with ribbons adds some fatal elements. As always, fluorescent and celebrating the life Marc Jacobs's designs could confidently aspire for the title of a forest nymph and the Barbie doll's dresses, by their massive sleeves and diva hem.


Marc Jacobs Giambattista Valli Christian Winjiants
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Nobody would be able to resist the beauty of Giambattista Valli gown: a gentle piece touches the subtlest heartstrings with the short-puffed sleeves and knocks over with the large necklace.

There also are some more wearable models for our routine life. Christian Winjiants is not afraid of quite straightforward moves and matches the azure - blue sleeveless garment with the very basic white socks.


Max Mara
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The safe-bet for the business appointments remain Max Mara and Michael Kors Collection creations - both brands coincidentally offer the strict blazers for the role of overwear. Max Mara attempts to combine various dresses with the boots: like the purplish geometric-patterned or the monochrome beige maxi pieces.


Michael Kors Collection 
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Michael Kors strives in finding an ideal hybrid with the ruffled skirts: the matching checkered combo with a crop-top and the beige-green overtone ruffled model with the rancho heels.

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